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Possible ear infection. When do you see a doctor?

Kids get sick. We all get sick, but an ear infection can be very painful depending on how severe and what part of the ear is most affected. How do you know when it’s time to see a doctor for a suspected ear infection or is it better to let it run its course at home?

Most ear problems will include some level of pain, difficulty hearing, and feeling of fullness in the ear, but knowing when to see a doctor is crucial in preventing further complications. Here are 3 indicators that will help you make a confident decision about when to seek care.


The area in and around the ear is inflamed, pink or red inside. It can be difficult seeing deep inside the ear, or keeping track of changes in the color to keep your doctor informed. This is usually the first thing a doctor will check with their otoscope and generally confirms the signs of infection.


A doctor will also check to see if the eardrum is swollen, full of fluid or pus like substance. It’s hard to see this from the outside of the ear, or compare to the other ear, so taking high resolution images inside the ear, over a period of time will help confirm if there is an ear infection that requires treatment.


Running a temperature above normal could be an indicator of infection. A sudden high fever is a key indicator that you may need to seek medical attention, versus a low grade temperature over a longer period of time. Recording temperature data is a great way to help your doctor determine if symptoms are improving or getting worse over time.

For most parents with a sick child, it’s a struggle to know when to see a doctor. There are so many things to factor like taking time off work and making a last minute appointment. The Illuminate was designed to empower you to test symptoms and keep track of vital data to help you make more confident decisions. You can even connect with a doctor from home, transmit data via the app and get a prescription during your video session.

We’re helping families take healthcare into their own hands. The Illuminate Health app allows you to make more confident decisions about when to seek healthcare and if needed, connect with a doctor from home.

-Illuminate Health Team

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