Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How long is a visit?

Appointment and visit slots on your schedule default to 15 minutes per patient, however, should more time be needed, providers can extend the visit length while the visit is occurring or at the end of the visit.

Does Illuminate work with individuals, group practices, and larger systems?

The Illuminate Health App is designed to connect patients with providers. Whether you are a physician operating a private practice who wants to give your patients increased peace of mind, a group practice who wants to see more patients, or a hospital system that wants to offer comprehensive patient support, we've got you covered.

How does it protect my patients and my own data?

We recognize that above all else, security is paramount. We use industrial HIPAA-compliant servers with content protection secured using end-to-end 256 Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protocol. Access to information is granted via a one-time key from a patient to provider when a visit is scheduled. We perform regular and randomized audits to ensure data integrity. Finally, if you or your patient lose your device, we can remotely wipe the records from your device. If you need urgent support with that, please contact us here.

Is it free to use?

Yes. Providers are compensated based on the number of visits they complete. If providers wish to activate the in-person scheduling benefit to enhance their patient experience satisfaction, they may do so for a small fee, which can be deducted from their completed visit payments.

How do I get my patients on board?

After downloading the application and registering yourself on the app, we suggest directly recommending patients to the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. After downloading the application, patients can search for you directly and you can immediately start providing care to them.

Is it free for my patients?

Yes. Get in contact with us here if you need to establish special rates for specific patient needs.

What do I need to start a video visit?

The Illuminate Health app is compatible with both Apple iOS and Android mobile devices equipped with a front-facing camera and the latest version of the app.

How will patients find me?

Patients seeking medical care will access Illuminate providers by registering as a patient on the Illuminate Health App. Once their account profile and payment are confirmed, patients can either schedule an appointment with a specific provider/service, request an on-demand visit where they will see the next available provider, or make an appointment for an in-person visit with a provider.

Where should I host a video appointment?

A video appointment can be conducted from any location that is private, secure and free of distractions. Treat a video appointment as though you are going to see the patient in-person. Consider patient privacy when choosing a location to conduct your visits. For these reasons, Illuminate recommends conducting appointments in front of a blank wall in a well-lit room with the door closed.

What type of training do you offer?

Training on how to perform basic tasks essential to a visit and how to navigate the app will be provided to all providers after their profile has been reviewed and approved.

What cases do physicians treat with the Illuminate Health App?

Patients use the Illuminate Health App for various conditions, the most common including: - Acute bronchitis - Upper respiratory tract infection - Urinary tract infection - Sinusitis - Rhinitis - Conjunctivitis - Pharyngitis - Influenza-like illnesses - Fever - Exacerbation of chronic conditions (asthma, diabetes, blood pressure)

Do I need to be a technology expert?

The Illuminate Health App is designed in a way that makes it easy, intuitive and simple even for a beginner to start practicing with minimal training. Rest assured, if you require assistance while using the app, you can contact us directly from the application.

How much will I get paid?

Based on your credentials, Illuminate providers will receive a competitive pay based on the number of visits they conduct and complete.

How much time do I need to commit?

There is no minimum time commitment Illuminate is asking from providers. You work according to your own schedule, giving you the flexibility you need. Whether this is opening up appointments for scheduled visits or logging in to the app for on-demand visits, you’ll be able to practice when it’s most convenient for you.


How do I prescribe?

Currently, providers will be able to prescribe by calling the patient’s preferred pharmacy at the end of the visit and giving a verbal prescription to the pharmacist. Full e-prescribing capabilities will be integrated with an update of the app this coming summer. Please keep in mind providers and patients must connect through a video visit prior to a prescription being made. Solely phone calls or messaging will not be sufficient for providers to prescribe medications.

What can I prescribe?

After a video visit has concluded, providers will have the ability to prescribe appropriate medications for their patients. Unfortunately, the following medications cannot be prescribed through Illuminate at this time: controlled substances (narcotics, anxiety medications, ADHD medications), muscle relaxants, medications for erectile dysfunction, and any additional controlled medications specific to the state you are practicing in.

Documentation and Regulatory

How does documentation work with a video visit?

Prior to and during a visit, providers will be able to view notes made at previous visits to maintain continuity of care. When a visit has concluded, providers will be given the option to document the visits in the notes section. Previous notes and newly composed notes will be stored together in the patient’s profile.

What qualifications are required to apply?

Potential Illuminate physicians must satisfy all of the following requirements: hold at least one active state medical license in good standing, be currently board certified, have completed at least a one-year post-residency experience, and hold an active and unrestricted DEA license.

Does Illuminate Health cover my malpractice insurance for telehealth visits?

Illuminate does provide malpractice insurance to providers and can expect to learn more about it during the onboarding process.

How does my state licensure work when practicing through telehealth?

Based on your licensure, you will only be able to connect with patients in states where you hold an active and unrestricted medical license.

How do I get started?

To start using the Illuminate Health App for your practice, simply download the Illuminate Health App from the Apple App Store for Apple devices or Google Play for Android devices and register as a doctor on the login page. Complete and submit all of the information requested and someone from Illuminate will review your application right away. We will reach out to you if we need more information from you and update you on the status of your application.

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