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Connect with a Doctor during Cold and Flu Season.

What started out as a sore throat has become so much more. Body aches, high fever, and fatigue so bad it's almost impossible to get out of bed. You try to look up the number of your regular doctor to hear that they can't see you for the next three days. You can't imagine how far away that is because it's almost too painful to think. We've all been there.

It's beyond time that you're able to connect with a doctor from home. Believe it or not, your providers agree. Things like colds and flu's are maladies that can't be effectively treated at the office. They share similar symptoms, and you can usually tell which one you have by checking out the chart below:

Cold and Flu Symptoms | CDC | Luminent Health LLC
Cold or Flu? Check out your symptoms to get a better idea. Click the image to learn more at the CDC website.

In any case, it's always better to be safe than sorry. Use the Illuminate app to record your symptoms every few hours to keep track of how you're feeling. See a provider that same day for reassurance and send a text to follow up whenever you want just to update them. The app stores the data on your phone, so next time you're feeling under the weather, you can compare how you're feeling now to how you felt then.

Cold and flu season is one of the worst parts of the changing weather, but by connecting with your doctor from home, you not only keep your doctor office waiting room clear for patients who need to be urgently seen but also reduce your risk of catching something else on top of it. Getting sick is bad enough, but having to wait days to see a doctor, spend hours in a waiting room, and end up going home just to be told to drink more fluids and get rest isn't something that we want to experience. Let us connect you to a doctor from home and get medical advice that gives your provider a true picture of your health.

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