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All of the vitals with none of the hassle. Perform a physical exam from the comfort of your home. Biosensors packed into a footprint the size of a credit-card and a battery life that lasts for the whole day, whether you're a provider or patient, the Illuminate system takes healthcare to the next level.

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Ears, Nose, and So Much More

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It's time to bring the otoscope into the modern age. How about one that fits in your pocket and is always at arm’s reach, but can produce incredibly fine images—at up to 6x actual size and detail of your office model? Tired of having to get uncomfortably close to the patient to actually see what’s going on in their ear canal? With our custom optical setup, you can image more than just the ears - add the nose, throat, and skin features to that as well - all from a comfortable distance.


The Illuminate otoscope brings that to life. A precision medical device, the Illuminate otoscope attaches to all major smartphone models and quickly disassembles for easy transit in your pocket. Best of all, it harnesses your phone’s own optical zoom to augment its fixed focus, and then automatically records this in the Illuminate Health app for your patient records.

Precision that fits in your pocket

At 1 x 1.5 x 1.65 inches - as small as a matchbox - the Illuminate otoscope weighs just an ounce and easily snaps to your phone for arms-reach access. Compatible with any smartphone. No batteries to change or charging handles required - this otoscope uses the LED light source on your phone for illumination.

Why the Illuminate?

The Illuminate otoscope is the first of a family of instruments housed in a single smartphone-enabled medical device. Along with an intuitive app, the Illuminate will help both patients and doctors access the best of at-home health technology and enable barrier-free medical care with better outcomes.

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Make confident decisions

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Download the Illuminate Health app and join others who have discovered how easy it is to connect with a doctor from home. 

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