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Empowering patients and improving health.

The illuminate™ family of instruments is housed in a single smartphone-enabled medical device that makes it easy for patients to deliver the data doctors to understand a full health story via telehealth. It improves the telehealth experience for everyone involved.

Step 1.

Perform a full exam at home

illuminate™ features a smart algorithm that takes the guesswork out of performing an exam. It streamlines the process, with a guided step by step process that makes it easy to get the information your doctor needs for assessment.

Step 2.

Submit the results via the app

Patients can collect data, store images, and record symptoms through the app. After finishing an exam, they can schedule an appointment with a provider on the platform for rapid review.

Step 3.

Patients, doctors and data connect.

Same-day video appointments mean you can stay in the comfort of your home. With the right information, they can now make confident decisions when connecting with doctors—and physicians can have the data they need to understand the full patient story, even via telehealth.

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