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Connect with a doctor from home

Make confident decisions about when to seek care

Most people struggle to decide when to see a doctor. There's time off work, waiting for an appointment, and money spent on something that might just be a routine cold. 

We’re introducing the solution. The illuminate™ app and device allow you to perform a complete health exam and connect with a doctor from home.

The illuminate™ device

  • Send information about your heartbeat and rhythm to your doctor with two fingers.

  • Measure how much oxygen is in your body using a pulse oximeter. 

  • Temperature without touch. Measure your temperature in seconds flat with a contactless, state-of-the-art thermometer. 

  • Listen to heart and lung sounds using the stethscope. Your doctor can listen from wherever they are.

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The illuminate™ app

The illuminate™ app makes it easy to connect with your doctor and provide real-time data needed for accurate decision making. The app helps you know which tests to perform based on your symptoms and stores vital information to be shared with your doctor or health professional.

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Healthcare in your hands

Save time.

Avoid calling offices, taking time off work, and waiting for doctor’s appointments. Now it’s easier than ever to connect with a doctor.

Record data.

That rash getting any better? Look back at your records to see how your symptoms have changed over time.


Have a professional review your results, prescribe medication if necessary, and follow up for a quick recovery. 

How It Works
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