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Telehealth is convenient to patients and providers.

Most services allow patients to schedule appointments online. All it requires is a device with an internet connection, camera and audio. Physical location isn’t a constraint. A person could be at home, in their workplace or traveling and have a telehealth visit. People without easy access to transportation and those who live in rural areas with few healthcare providers will have better access to care through telehealth services. Thus, when care is convenient to receive, people are more likely to seek it.

Many people are surprised to learn that the physician they’ve seen for years is now offering a telehealth option. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way a lot of businesses, including healthcare providers, operate. Anyone who has trouble getting to the doctor’s office or for whom travel is uncomfortable or a hassle should ask their current provider about telehealth options.


As a Healthcare provider you don’t want them to miss or skip the care they need, and telehealth services may reduce a patient’s chances of canceling or not showing up. When possible, it’s best to stick with the same doctor. This continuity of care lowers the risk of missing something important or overlooking a person’s health history.

So Why Us?

Upon all of our hard work and persistence,

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