Make confident decisions

about when to seek healthcare

Order illuminate™, download the app and join others who have discovered how easy it is to connect with a doctor from home. 

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Connect with a Doctor from home

Make confident decisions about when to seek care. 

Most people struggle to decide when to see a doctor. There's time off work, waiting for an appointment, and money spent on something that might just be a routine cold. The illuminate App and Device, allows you to perform a complete health exam and connect with a doctor from home.

The illuminate™ Device

Quickly evaluate your heartbeat and rhythm with an easy to use single-lead ECG.


A state-of-the-art thermometer on board, you can take your temperature in less than a second.


An all-electronic stethoscope at the heart of the illuminate allows you to listen to heart, lung, and stomach sounds from wherever you are.

The illuminate App

The illuminate™ App makes it easy to connect with your doctor and provide real-time data needed for accurate decision making. The app helps you know which tests to perform based on your symptoms and stores vital information to be shared with your doctor or health professional.

3 steps to confident healthcare

Step 1

Full exam at home

illuminate features EasyAnalyze technology that takes the guesswork out of performing an exam. It assesses whatever symptoms you're feeling, creates a testing profile tailored to your needs, and walks you step-by-step through the exam.

Step 2
Submit your results via the App

Collect data, store images, and record your symptoms through the App. Input once and you're done. After finishing an exam, schedule an appointment with one of our providers and for a same day review.

Step 3

Connect with a Doctor

Same day video appointments mean you can stay in the comfort of your home. Prescriptions are digitally sent while you're on the call for faster recovery turnaround. With the right information, you can now make confident decisions when connecting with your doctor.

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Never struggle with the decision about when to seek care. Patients and doctors have already made illuminate their first choice for healthcare consultations.